CDT Job Openings

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At the California Department of Technology (CDT) you will find diverse career paths woven across our business. Find the best fit for your experience, skills and passion.

What to Submit

Successful completion of the State Exam Process is required before applying for the following job openings. Please include the following; otherwise, your application will not be processed.

  1. Submit a Standard State Application Form (STD 678) (PDF).
  2. On the State application, you MUST reference the RPA number and submit one State application per position.
  3. Resume is optional unless specified for the specific vacancy.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be interviewed. Final filing dates may be extended if positions are not filled.

Current Job Openings

In addition to the listing below, you can also access CDT job openings by visiting the CalHR Job Seekers Search and searching for “Department of Technology” jobs. 

RPA         Position DescriptionOffice/UnitPosting DateFinal Filing Date
20-244Information Technology Specialist I20-244Infrastructure Services / Enterprise Network / Network Service Management / Network Provisioning4/16/20214/26/2021
20-097Information Technology Specialist I20-097Office of Administrative Services / Internal IT Services / Internal Business Applications / Business Applications Support / Prospect Green4/16/20214/26/2021
20-S04 Student Assistant20-S04Office of Administrative Services/Facility & Administrative Services 4/15/20214/26/2021
20-232Information Technology Manager I20-232Office of Administrative Services / Internal IT Services / Internal Business Applications / Business Systems & Policy Support 4/15/20214/26/2021
20-246Associate Personnel Analyst20-246Office of Administrative Services/Human Resources/Personnel Management/Selections/Backgrounds4/15/20214/26/2021
20-245Associate Personnel Analyst20-245 – Two PositionsOffice of Administrative Services/Human Resources/Personnel Management/Selections/Position Managemen4/15/20214/26/2021
20-227Information Technology Specialist I20-227Platform Services/Mainframe Services/DB2 Support4/15/20215/25/2021
20-215Information Technology Manager II20-215Office of Technology Services / Infrastructure Services / Compute and Storage4/14/20214/24/2021
20-217IT Specialist I20-217Office of Enterprise Technology4/14/20214/24/2021
20-212Information Technology Specialist II20-212Platform Services/Mainframe Services/DB2 Support4/13/20215/2/2021
20-237Information Technology Specialist I20-237Office of Information Security/Advisory Services, Audit Research & Assessments4/13/20214/23/2021
20-229Staff Services Manager I (Supervisor)20-229Office of Administrative Services/Human Resources/Payroll & Benefits4/12/20214/22/2021
20-219IT Specialist I20-219 Office of Enterprise Technology4/12/20214/22/2021
20-230Information Technology Specialist I20-230Platform Services/Window Services/Windows Operations4/7/20214/21/2021
20-196Staff Services Manager I20-196Office of Technology Services/Administration & Office Support Services4/7/20214/17/2021
20-226Information Technology Specialist I 20-226Platform Services/Mainframe Services/Adabas IDMS Support4/5/20214/19/2021
20-104Information Technology Specialist III 20-104OIS/Cal CSIC3/30/20214/21/2021
20-102Information Technology Specialist II 20-102OIS/Cal CSIC3/30/20214/21/2021
20-216Information Technology Specialist I(RPA 20-216)Office of Information Technology/SOC3/16/20214/25/2021
20-158Information Technology Specialist I(RPA 20-158)Office of Information Security/Security Operations Center1/8/2021 4/25/2021