To get a permanent position with CDT you must take and pass an open examination (exam) for a specific classification. If you are unfamiliar with the process, please see Hiring Process for guidance.

Each exam bulletin is different, so instructions may vary. It is important to read each exam bulletin carefully.

Promotional Exams

Promotional exams are open to current or former (within the past three years) CDT employees and veterans who meet the criteria in Assembly Bill 3065.

ClassificationExam TypeEstimated Release DateActual Release DateFinal Filing Date
No Promotional Exams currently available

Note: Exam schedule subject to change based on operational need or available staffing resources

Career Executive Assignment (CEA) Exams

The following CDT announcements are open to anyone meeting the minimum qualifications. For complete exam information, refer to the announcement or contact the assigned analyst. Learn more about Career Executive Assignments.

CEA ExamFinal Filing Date
Deputy Director, California Project Management Office (CEA-B) (PDF)6/27/2018

Open Exams

You do not need to be a state employee to apply for and take open exams. The below are continuous statewide internet exams administered by the Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

Exam Bulletin by Job ClassificationMonthly
Salary Range
Accountant Trainee (PDF)$3,542 - $4,202
Assistant Information Systems Analyst (PDF)$3,377 - $5,491
Associate Governmental Program Analyst (PDF)$4,784 - $5,988
Attorney III (PDF)$8,856 - $11,361
Information Technology Technician (PDF) $3,123-$4,995
Information Technology Associate (PDF) $3,728-$6,604
Information Technology Manager I (PDF)$7,092-$9,504
Information Technology Manager II (PDF)$8,605-$10,459
Information Technology Specialist I (PDF)$4,921-$7,962
Information Technology Specialist II (PDF)$6,516-$8,732
Information Technology Specialist III (PDF)$7,184-$9,627
Information Technology Supervisor I (PDF)$5,844-$7,832
Information Technology Supervisor II (PDF)$6,426-$8,611
Staff Services Analyst (General) (PDF)$3,063 - $4,980
Staff Services Manager I (PDF)$5,689 - $7,068
Staff Services Manager II (Supervisory) (PDF)$6,245 - $7,760
Staff Services Manager II (Managerial) (PDF)$6,913 - $7,853
Staff Services Manager III (PDF)$7,593 - $8,621