Management Memos Related to IT

Management Memos are distributed by the Department of General Services to disseminate statewide policy information about a variety of things including information technology (IT) and procurement activities. The following list represents Management Memos which include information technology policy or procurement information.

You may view the complete text of any of these Management Memos by going to the Department of General Services Management Memo website. If you have questions about any of the Management Memos, please contact person noted in the Management Memo.

  • MM 08-11 Safeguarding Against and Responding to a Breach of Security Involving Personal Information (issued 11-6-08) – This memo announces a new policy requirement and procedural directive for state agency response to a breach of security involving personal information.
  • MM 08-10 Update Industry Standard Terminology for Disaster Recovery (issued 11-6-08) –This memo finalizes the alignment efforts by updating the terminology in state policy for recovery planning to replace the “Operational Recovery” term with the industry standard term “Disaster Recovery”.
  • MM 08-07 Creation of new SAM Section 4904 that establishes a IT Capital Planning process, and new Templates and Instructions (issued 06-30-08) – This memo provides the forms and instructions for Agencies and Departments to annually submit Five-Year IT Capital Plans. The Plans will tie IT investments to agency priorities and business direction.
  • MM 08-02 Restructure of SAM 4840-4845, Creation of New SAM Sections 5300-5399, Revised Forms and Instructions (issued 02-19-08) – This memo informs state agencies that information security management policy is restructured and renumbered, and transferred to the State and Consumer Services Agency, Office of Information Security and Privacy Protection. All agencies are required to adhere to these policies.
  • MM 07-04 Guidelines Regarding Follow-On Contracts: Policy and Review Process (issued 03/02/07) – This memo informs departments of the State law regarding “follow-on contracting” and establishes guidance for evaluating whether particular contracting engagements might conflict with the Public Contract Code.
  • MM 07-02 Uniform Standards for Information Technology Procurement (issued 01/05/07) – This memo provides uniform standards including both general considerations and requirements for the procurement process.
  • MM 06-12 Protection of Information Assets (issued 08/31/06) – This memo reminds all state agencies, departments, boards, and commissions that each is required to have implemented an information privacy program.
  • MM 03-10 Requirements for the Use of California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS), Master Agreements, and Non-Competitively Bid Contracts (issued 05/28/03) – This memo provides requirements for the acquisition of information technology and non-information technology goods and services obtained through the use of CMAS, Master Agreements, and Non-Competitively Bid acquisition methods.
  • MM 03-09 State Contract and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) (issued 05/12/03) – This memo establishes a uniform reporting process for the purchase of goods and services (both information technology and non-information technology) and all other contracts over $5000. This also includes grants, subvention contracts, public works, and architectural and engineering services contracts. This applies to all purchases made or contracts executed with a delivery date or commencement date after June 30, 2003.
  • MM 03-04 Use of California Multiple Award Schedule and Master Agreement for the Acquisition of Large-Scale Information Technology (IT) System Integration Projects (issued 03/17/03) – This memo prohibits the use of CMAS and/or Master Agreements for large-scale information technology system integration projects except when specifically approved by the Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Technology Acquisition Section.
  • MM 01-17 Energy Management Business Continuity Planning and Stage 3 Readiness Policy (issued 8/22/01) – This policy provides assistance to departments and agencies in the development or enhancement of their business continuity plans to ensure continued operation and support of mission-critical services in the event of electrical emergencies and power outages.
  • MM 01-16 State Agency Requirements Regarding Preventive Energy Management (issued 8/01/01) – This memo addresses three procurement actions to be implemented by State agencies related to procurement and implementation of IT hardware and software in order to provide reduced energy requirements and more effective power management capabilities on a long-term basis.
  • MM 01-14 Procurement of Energy Efficient Products (issued 7/20/01) – This notifies departments and agencies of the policy regarding the acquisition of energy efficient products, including the following office/IT equipment – computers, monitors, printers, copiers, and fax machines.
  • MM 01-13 Information Technology Communication and Conservation Plan for Energy Management (issued 6/18/01) – This policy notifies departments and agencies of the various conservation actions required by every department and agency at each Emergency Stage (Stage 1 through 3). In addition, it requires each Chief Information Officer to develop an IT Conservation Plan detailing specific mitigation measures for their department or agency.
  • MM 00-02 Computer Software Contract Language (issued 3/17/00) – Establishes guidelines that state agencies must follow to prevent computer software piracy.
  • MM 99-10 Year 2000 Executive Order and Information Technology Projects (issued 7/20/99) – Notifies departments and agencies of policies and guidelines for implementing Executive Order D-3-99 as it affects the State of California’s information technology (IT) project initiation, approval and change process.
  • MM 98-17 Conducting Information Technology (EDP and Telecommunications) Procurements (issued 8/31/98) – Revises certain policies and procedures detailed in the State Administrative Manual concerning procurement of information technology goods or services.
  • MM 98-16 Conducting Information Technology (EDP and Telecommunications) Procurements (issued 8/31/98) – Revises certain policies and procedures detailed in the State Administrative Manual concerning the solicitation of suppliers of information technology goods or services.
  • MM 97-14 Information Technology Contract Clauses and Documentation Requirements (issued 10/24/97) – Sets out guidelines that state agencies must follow concerning all major IT acquisitions resulting from approved projects.