SIMM 19A.5 changes

July 2023

Section Action Type Changes
SIMM 19.5A Change Minor format and content updates were made to SIMM 19A.5:
  • ‘SP-Delegated’ tab was removed.
  • A new tab ‘Business Rules’ was added. This tab is for entry and exit guidelines for projects.
  • A new column for ‘PAL Completion/Approval Date’ was added to the ‘Non-Delegated – Delegated’ tab. This allows CDT to see that a delegated project was approved, and to measure the time an agency/state entity spent in the PAL.
  • A new column for ‘Statewide Strategic Plan’ was added to the ‘PAL’ and ‘NonDelegated – Delegated’ tabs. This was added to establish alignment of the projects/efforts with the Statewide Strategic Plan.
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