Summary of Changes to the Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) 19A.5

July 2023
SIMM Section Action Type Changes
SIMM 19.5A Change Minor format and content updates were made to SIMM 19A.5:
• ‘SP-Delegated’ tab was removed.
• A new tab ‘Business Rules’ was added. This tab is for entry and exit guidelines for projects.
• A new column for ‘PAL Completion/Approval Date’ was added to the ‘Non-Delegated – Delegated’ tab. This allows CDT to see that a delegated project was approved, and to measure the time an agency/state entity spent in the PAL.
• A new column for ‘Statewide Strategic Plan’ was added to the ‘PAL’ and ‘NonDelegated – Delegated’ tabs. This was added to establish alignment of the projects/efforts with the Statewide Strategic Plan.
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