General Network Services

Service Request NameLink
Fiber Cabinet Access
Request access to fiber cabinet(s)
Order Fiber Cabinet Access

Request for firewall and/or router ACL configuration additions, changes, and deletions for access control to servers and networks using restrictions on ports and source and/or destination IP addresses.
Order Firewall/ACL Now
IP Addressing
Add, Remove or Change Primary Subnet(s), Secondary Subnet(s), Subnet Mask(s), or Secondary IP on a router interface.
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LAN Support
Request to Add, Change, or Delete LAN Support and Maintenance Only (e.g., Firewall, Switch Configuration Changes).
Order LAN Support
Network Routes/Router Configurations/Load Balancer
Add, Modify, Remove, or Request Information for a Routing Statement, Load Balancer, or Request California Government Enterprise Network (CGEN) Router Configuration Changes, including SNMP Read Access and NetFlow Read Access.
Order Network Routes/Router Configurations/Load Balancer
VPN Access
Add, Change, or Delete VPN service (e.g. Remote access, Site to Site).
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