The Digital Web Services Network (DWSN) was established to provide a collaborative forum where state employees, local government and partners can all benefit from the sharing of information on the topic of digital services, including technology, tools and best practices. The network is open to anyone interested in learning about and sharing best practices related to digital services and the hope is that participants will build and foster relationships within the digital services community.

The DWSN has been expanded from CDT’s Webmaster User Group to include both web and digital services and is led by the California Department of Technology (CDT)’s Office of Enterprise Technology (OET).


Digital Web Services Network (DWSN)

Next DWSN forum will be on January 20, 2022

To join the DWSN, please contact: DWSN Support

DWSN Past Events
October 21, 2021 DWSN Forum
August 19, 2021 DWSN Forum
April 22, 2021 DWSN Forum
January 20, 2021 DWSN Forum
October 22, 2020 DWSN Forum
July 22, 2020 DWSN Forum
October 28, 2019 DWSN Forum


July 18, 2019 DWSN Forum

Digital Services Innovation Academy (DSIA)

Program designed to introduce the tools and skills required to transform a business problem from concept to product using design and development principles found in modern digital service development.

California Open Source Portal is designed to provide improved access to the State of California’s custom-developed software.

Web Standards and Design System for California Government

Design and build user-centered, accessible, and mobile-friendly government websites.
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