Hardware and Software Standards

The California Department of Technology (CDT) provides on-premises secure and reliable IT solutions by offering a wide selection of operating systems, databases, and middleware on multiple platforms. The hardware and software components used in CDT’s infrastructure need to be stable, secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable. End-of-life Operating Systems and outdated software and/or hardware pose considerable risks to not only the non-compliant customers but also to the State Data Center and critical state services.

Due to the age of some of the hardware, CDT may be delayed or unable to recover services if a hardware component should fail, since parts are no longer available.  Additionally, CDT cannot offer service level agreements for outdated hardware or software components, nor are we liable for any negative impact to business applications running on these systems. Although security patches or extended support may be available through a vendor, outdated software and hardware do not meet CDT’s standards and will not satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

The following rates have been established to charge customers utilizing outdated versions of hardware and software for on-premises platform services. 

Non-Standard YearBilling FrequencyCharge
Year 1Per Instance, Per Month20%
Year 2Per Instance, Per Month35%
Year 3Per Instance, Per Month50%
The following tables provide a list of standards for systems hosted in CDT Managed Services.

Hardware Standards

Service AreaHardwareStandard Versions
Mainframe /zLinuxCPUz16
Mainframe /zLinuxCPUz15
Mainframe/Db2Analytics Appliancev7.5

Operating System Standards

Service Area / TeamSoftwareStandard Versions
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux RedHatv9
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux RedHatv8
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux Ubuntuv18.04
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux Ubuntuv20.04
Mainframe Branch/zIOSz/OS MVSv2.4
Unix Branch/LinuxAIXv7.2 TLX 
Unix Branch/Linuxx86 RedHatv9
Unix Branch/Linuxx86 RedHatv8
Unix Branch/SolarisSolarisv11.4
Windows BranchVirtualWindows Server 2022
Windows BranchVirtualWindows Server 2019

Database Standards

Service Area / TeamSoftwareStandard Versions
Mainframe Branch/ADABASADABASv8.5.2
Mainframe Branch/zDb2zDb2v13.1.0
Mainframe Branch/zDb2zDb2v12
Unix Branch/Db2 (Mid-Range)Db2v11.5
Unix Branch/Db2 (Mid-Range)Informixv14.1
Unix Branch/DBMS (Mid-Range)Cache (Iris)2018.1
Unix Branch/OracleOracle (zLinux, x86, Sparc, AIX)v19c
Windows Branch/SQLMySQLv8.0.33
Windows Branch/SQLSQLSQL Server 2022
Windows Branch/SQLSQLSQL Server 2019

Middleware Standards

Service Area / TeamSoftwareStandard Versions
Mainframe Branch/CICSCICSv5.5
Mainframe Branch/zIOSMQ zLinuxv9.2
Mainframe Branch/zIOSMQ zOSv9.2x
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS zOSv9
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS zLinuxv9
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS Libertyv20
Unix Branch/AIX UnitHA (High Availability)v7.2.7x
Unix Branch/eCommerceISAMv10
Unix Branch/eCommerceWASv9
Unix Branch/eCommerceWAS Liberty2020
Unix Branch/eCommerceWAS Liberty2021
Unix Branch/eCommerceLDAP (Security Directory Server)v10
Unix Branch/eCommerceMQv9.3