Hardware and Software Standards

The following tables provide a list of standards for systems hosted in CDT Managed Services.

Hardware Standards

Service AreaHardwareStandard Versions
Mainframe /zLinuxCPUz15
Mainframe /zLinuxCPUz14
Mainframe/Db2Analytics ApplianceIDAAv5; Mako, Neteeza
UnixAIXPower 8
WindowsVirtualWindows Server 2016
WindowsVirtualWindows Server 2019

Operating System Standards

Service Area / TeamSoftwareStandard Versions
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux RedHatv8
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux Ubuntuv18.04
Mainframe Branch/zIOSzLinux Ubuntuv20.04
Mainframe Branch/zIOSz/OS MVSv2.4
Unix Branch/LinuxAIXv7.1 TLX 
Unix Branch/Linuxx86 RedHatv8
Unix Branch/Linuxx86 RedHatv7
Unix Branch/SolarisSolarisv11.4
Windows BranchVirtualWindows Server 2016
Windows BranchVirtualWindows Server 2019 R2

Database Standards

Service Area / TeamSoftwareStandard Versions
Mainframe Branch/ADABASADABASv8.52
Mainframe Branch/zDb2zDb2v12
Unix Branch/Db2 (Mid-Range)Db2v11.5
Unix Branch/Db2 (Mid-Range)Informixv12.1
Unix Branch/Db2 (Mid-Range)Sybasev16
Unix Branch/Db2 (Mid-Range)MariaDB10.3
Unix Branch/OracleOracle (zLinux, x86, Sparc, AIX)v19
Windows Branch/SQLMySQLv5.7
Windows Branch/SQLSQLSQL Server 2017
Windows Branch/SQLSQLSQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2

Middleware Standards

Service Area / TeamSoftwareStandard Versions
Mainframe Branch/CICSCICSv5.5
Mainframe Branch/zIOSMQv9.2
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS zOSv9
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS zOSv8.5.5
Mainframe Branch/zIOSIIBv10
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS zLinuxv9
Mainframe Branch/zIOSWAS Libertyv20
Unix Branch/eCommerceISAMv9
Unix Branch/eCommerceWASv9
Unix Branch/eCommerceWASv8.5.5
Unix Branch/eCommerceWAS Liberty2020
Unix Branch/eCommerceWAS Liberty2021
Unix Branch/eCommerceLDAP v6.4
Unix Branch/eCommerceMQv9.0