The LISTSERV email list management software supports all types of electronic lists including email newsletters, announcement lists, and discussion groups. Utilizing email lists advances the concept of email a step further by disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of people and simplifies administration of the lists. While traditional email is ideal for one-on-one interaction, email lists advance the concept a step further by disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of people.

Email list management software makes it easy to administer email lists, performing in seconds the functions that would otherwise have to be done manually, possibly taking many hours or days to complete. Email list management services are offered on a per-list basis.



  • Automatically handle communication between members and owners of lists
  • Manage list subscriptions


  • Process message delivery errors
  • Utilize template formatting


  • Report on the activity of mailing lists

This service will provide list owners the ability to:

  • Manage up to 50,000 subscribers per list
  • Modify list subscriptions, signoffs, and settings
  • Automate subscription handling
  • Automate bounced emails
  • Assign an approver for distributed emails
  • Distribute email to list subscribers
  • Report on mailing list activity
  • Control the behavior of lists
  • Process message delivery errors
  • Utilize template formatting: either through the web interface or through standard emails
  • Maintain via web interface or command line through emails
  • Accommodate lists up to 32 characters in length
  • CDT manages contracts and licensing for LISTSERV software and serves as liaison between the Customer and software manufacturer. 
  • CDT will maintain vendor support and update server software in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • CDT is expected to initialize and support lists as well as assign list ownership and provide list owner training.
  • Lists are implemented in accordance with CDT naming standards.
  • Upon initial implementation, the CDT will provide List Owner procedures and training.
  • CDT will provide technical assistance and troubleshooting as needed for LISTSERV software customers.
  • Troubleshooting in accordance with standard email lists is included in the standard service; however, troubleshooting non-standard implementations may incur additional fees.

Server administrator.X
Server activity reports.X
Application install/update.X
Create/delete list.X
List administration/creation.XX
Message posting interface.XX
Message scheduling.XX
Message testing.XX
HTML newsletter library.XX
HTML newsletter builder.XX
Customizable mail templates.XX
Automatic bounce handling.XX
Automatic subscription handling.XX
Attachment filter.XX
List reports.XX
Subscriber activity reports.XX


LISTSERV is a type of electronic mailing list which includes email newsletters, announcement lists, and discussion groups.

What is included with the CDT LISTSERV service?

  • CDT initializes and supports the list, assigns ownership, and provides list owner training.
  • Lists are initialized and implemented in accordance with CDT naming standards.

How is LISTSERV training requested?

Submit a Case/Request: Software Services >ListServ >Action Requested, select: General Inquiry >Request details, add request: [ INSERT/ADD request in this field ].

What LISTSERV options are configurable?

  • Modify list subscriptions, signoffs, and settings
  • Automate subscription handling
  • Automate bounced emails
  • Assign approver for distributed emails
  • Control email to list subscribers (approve messages, add and remove subscribers)
  • Report mailing list activity
  • Control list behavior

What email address domains can subscribe to a list?

All domain names will work.

How is the LISTSERV subscribe page set up?

List owners can create a custom subscribe page or use the LISTSERV subscription services page. Example:

Will administrators be notified when a request is made to join a list?

Listserv options can be configured to provide a notification.

What is the process for sending a LISTSERV message?

Compose your email and address it to

What reports are available to view list statistics?

  • Navigate to the List Management tab on top of your screen > List Reports > List Activity Reports.
  • Select the Report Type Report Entries and Report Interval you need.

How is Listserv service requested?

Submit a LISTERV Case/Request. Refer to the “Request” tab on this page.

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
ListServ E-mail DistributionWeb ServicesMonthly/Per List$75.00 I209

Subscriptions to this service are available. Rates may also be referenced in the CDT Rate Schedule.

To request to Add, Modify, and Delete LISTSERV List(s), and/or Owner(s), and ask General Inquiries, please submit a LISTSERV Case/Request: Order LISTSERV Services