z Systems DASD Backups

Incremental backups are performed regularly on all data that resides in the data center managed pools, i.e. all volumes except dedicated volumes. (Dedicated volumes are assigned and billed to a customer who is responsible for all storage management activities for that volume.) All backups are written to high capacity tapes.

Incremental Backups

Incremental Backups are performed by a software product called Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM), and are done at the dataset level. These are logical backups of the datasets that are newly created or have changed since they were last backed up. All SMS datasets in the general pools are backed up by HSM.

Frequency Datasets are backed up late evening/early morning after they are created or modified, every single day of the week at the Rancho Cordova site.

Retention – The seven latest versions of a dataset are retained for a maximum of 30 days. If a dataset is deleted, the last backup copy is retained for 90 days.

Off-site Storage All backups are replicated off-site using Virtual Tape Server (VTS) for the defined retention period.

Exceptions – Datasets that are in use at the time of the backups are skipped and NOT backed up.

Restore – Customers can do their own restores via the HRECOVER panel. If additional help is needed, customers can initiate an incident ticket by contacting the Service Desk at (916) 464-4311.

Customer Responsibilities

  • More frequent backups, if required, of critical data stored on DASD volumes.
  • Creating long-term (retention period) backups, if needed, of data stored on DASD volumes.
  • All backups of data stored on customer dedicated volumes.
  • Datasets that are in use during the CDT backup window.
  • Database files.

Full Volume Backups

Full Volume Backups are performed by a software product called FDR. All system volumes are backed up on a weekly basis and kept for 30 days.