Secure Automated File Exchange


The California Department of Technology (CDT) has evaluated the next generation of the Secure Automated File Exchange (SAFE) service. Building within the AWS GovCloud over the next several months will allow CDT to provide industry-standard security, performance and enhanced feature sets.

In the coming months, CDT will work with the current subscriber base to begin their migration to the new SAFE platform. 

More information about the SAFE upgrade will be added to this page as we define rates, features, and the process for onboarding new customers.

Subscriptions to this service are not available at this time. The below rates are for Customers utilizing the service.

The rate schedule represents standard CDT services. If a Customer requires technology solutions that are not part of the standard, CDT will review the Customer’s request and provide customized pricing as necessary.

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
Secure Automated File Exchange Transfer/SetupSAFEOne-Time/Per Hour$130.00I115
Secure Automated File Exchange Service (includes 10GB data transfer)SAFEMonthly/Per Named User Account$12.30I116
Secure Automated File Exchange Additional Data TransferSAFEPer Gigabyte$10.00I117
Secure Automated File Exchange - Axway Secure Client SoftwareSAFEOne-Time$300.00I118