Service Agreements

As a result of AB 2408 legislation that took effect January 1, 2011, contract requirements and billing for the California Department of Technology (CDT) services have changed. The result is that CDT does not require an executed Interagency Agreement (IAA) / Public Entity Agreement (PEA) between state or public entities and CDT to process the direct transfer for services rendered. It also alleviates state or public entities and CDT staff resources in preparing and compiling the IAA/PEA. Should a customer Department have a business need to execute a signed IAA/PEA, please contact your Account Lead.

Both the IAA and PEA templates incorporate by reference the CDT General Terms and Conditions (PDF).

If you have any questions regarding the IAA or PEA, please contact the Agency IAA Processing Analyst, at (916) 857-9656 or by email at

If you have any other questions regarding services, costs, rates, etc., please contact your Account Lead.