Vendor Hosted Service Standards

The California Department of Technology (CDT) Service Standards provide roles, responsibilities, and expectations for all services.  There may be specific aspects of certain services in which these standards are not applicable.  Deviations to the standards for a particular service are noted on each service page.

Services brokered through CDT, are provided and managed by a private entity (vendor).  This includes the CalCloud Vendor Hosted Subscription Services portfolio, as well as all CALNET contracts.




Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Payment for all service costs at the agreed interval, as published in the CDT rate schedules
  • Disputing any billing issues or discrepancies with the vendor
  • Monitoring charges, usage, and/or subscriptions to the vendor provided service
  • Reporting any service-related issues to the vendor following vendor documented processes
  • Maintaining any necessary support contracts with the vendor, if applicable
  • Reading, understanding, and complying with all service terms and conditions stated in the contract and/or service agreement
  • Acquiring any needed assistance to on-board to the service or for assistance in using the service


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing and maintaining the contract with the vendor
  • Purchasing and renewing the customer requested licenses or subscriptions
  • Mediating any contract disputes or contract issues
  • Note:  CDT is not responsible for troubleshooting, triaging, or resolving issues within vendor-hosted services


Responsibilities will vary based on the negotiated contract terms and available service

Service Management

Effective support of the service is a result of maintaining consistent service levels.  The details on service availability, service response expectations, and related components are specific for each service. See the appendix for that specific service for more detail.

Incident Response

All service-related incidents should be reported to the vendor, per the vendor’s standard incident reporting processes, as documented in the service agreement.  CDT will not be responsible for triaging, assisting, or resolving any issues the customer is experiencing with a vendor-provided service.

Service Maintenance

The vendor will be responsible for scheduling and notifying subscribing customers of any planned maintenance within the timeframes, as stated within the service agreement.

Service Monitoring

The vendor will be responsible for monitoring all features and components of their services.  If applicable, they will provide notification to customers of any issues that may impact their services.

Outage Reporting

The service agreement may state the vendor’s responsibilities if a vendor experiences a service disruption that causes the service to not meet the stated availability service levels.


The service agreement may state any exclusions to the vendor’s service level agreement.