Services FAQs


How can we get training on how to use the CalTABS and view the invoices?

Hands on training classes were held in August 2012. The CalTABS Training Manual is available to view and download. Assistance in navigating and using the CalTABS system is also available by sending an e-mail to

Is there going to be a “Contact Us” or “Help” tab within the CalTABs application?

Yes, there is a “Help” tab on the CalTABS site that launches the CalTABS E-Training content which provides step by step assistance with accessing and using CalTABS. The contact information is available on the “Nav – Help Features” page.

If we need a CalTABs password reset or are unable to get to the login page, what should we do?

Please contact the Office of Technology Services Service Desk at (916) 464-4311 or via e-mail.

Can employees access the CalTABS system from home?

Yes, access to CalTABS is available via a web link from the following link: CalTABS.

How do I get my CalTABs log on ID and who needs to approve it?

To request a user id for the CalTABS system, please open a Case/Request in the Customer Portal. The Service Desk can be contacted by phone at 916-464-4311 or e-mail. Please include the following information when requesting a CalTABS user id: Approver – note the name of your department contact who approves your request for a CalTABS user id, your name, your e-mail address, your phone # and the billing code(s) that you need access for (i.e., AA).