UX Consulting


The California Department of Technology is proud to introduce our new User Experience (UX) Consulting Services, aimed at improving the digital experience offered by State entities. These services are designed to improve the overall usability of your website and optimize the user experience.


Our team of experts can provide comprehensive product evaluations, offer advice on product strategy, lead insightful workshops, and provide training to ensure you’re following the best UX practices.


  • Information Architecture: Content organization and search engine optimization, including analytics and findability testing
  • Wireframes: Covering rapid concept sketching, functionality exploration, prototyping
  • Mockups: Incorporating brand identity, high-fidelity mockups, prototypes
  • Delivery: Offering style guides & functional specs
  • User Testing: Testing your web design with real users, analyzing feedback, and prioritizing improvements
  • Customized User Research: Using proven methods to gather insights about both high-level and detailed UX questions
  • Expert Review: Experts analyze the strengths and opportunities to improve your website
  • Accessibility: Providing guidance on ensuring web accessibility and achieving mandated bi-annual certification
  • State Web Template & Design System: Offering support and assistance in best leveraging and incorporating the robust functionality of the State Web Template and/or CA Design System into your website


Our team can apply our broad expertise in managing UX processes, digital strategy development, user research, and design best practices to any engagement, whether it be a limited or extensive project.

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