Administrative Services

Provides a full range of administrative services to the offices, divisions, and employees of the California Department of Technology.


Coordinates and supports the directorate and other executives in public-facing events such as conferences, speeches, awards and panels. Manages the department’s messaging to and relationship with the press. Provides graphic design and video production support to various offices within the department.


Manages departmental legislative priorities, initiatives, and positions. Monitors and analyzes legislation that would impact the department’s functions or critical partners. Coordinates closely with the Government Operations Agency to ensure that administration priorities are properly represented both internally and externally.

Broadband and Digital Literacy

Promote broadband deployment in underserved communities of the state. Ensures public institutions have access to broadband and encourage private and public partnerships to support bridging gaps in digital literacy.

Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative

In July 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Senate Bill 156 to create an open-access middle-mile network to bring equitable high-speed broadband service to all Californians. SB 156 provides $3.25 billion to build the necessary infrastructure to bring internet connectivity to homes, businesses and community institutions. The design and construction of the middle-mile network is monitored by the Middle-Mile Advisory Committee (MMAC).

Technology Services (OTech)

IT service provider to state and local government entities. OTech offers a variety of infrastructure, platform, software, and professional services, and recovers its costs through established usage or subscription-based rates for these services. Most of these services are located in two data centers managed by CDT staff, with additional services being provided through public-private partnerships.

Office of Professional Development

Plays a critical role for our customers throughout the State in securing high value IT training services. We do this through our open registration offerings, leadership training academies, boot camps, and eLearning solution.

Office of Digital Services

Provides organizational leadership focused on improving how state government develops and implements innovative technology solutions to meet the public’s evolving needs, enrich customer experiences, and improve critical technological applications. Provides foundational platforms and technologies (GIS/Open Data, Web Portals, Software Engineering and open-source code curation) for organizations to provide innovative digital services.

Statewide Project Delivery

Bolsters the successful delivery of IT projects through direct engagement and collaboration with state entities. The office is responsible for the planning, approval, procurement, execution, and oversight of state IT projects. OSPD provides advice, guidance, and direction to state entities in the planning and delivery of IT projects.

Office of Enterprise Architecture

Leads the California Enterprise Architecture practice, in tandem with enterprise-level strategic planning, which guides state entities through business, information, and technology changes necessary to execute strategy and achieve major business transformations. The Office is a strategic business planner and leader in formulating and identifying operational opportunities that advance business and technology to effectively deliver innovative citizen-centric solutions.

Information Security

The primary state government authority charged with ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of state systems and applications, and ensuring the protection of state information assets. OIS is involved in a broad range of activities within the state and collaborates with federal, state and local security professionals, higher education, private industry, and others on security-related matters. The office is committed to securing the state’s information assets to build and maintain the trust of Californians.

Statewide Policy and Strategic Planning

Establishes, updates and enforces statewide IT policies, standards, instructions, and guidelines. Develops a statewide technology strategic plan and tracks progress through metrics.