PS 020 – Post Implementation Evaluation Report (March 2022)

Procedures and standards update


Agency Chief Information Officers (AIO)
Chief Information Officers (CIO)
Information Security Officers (ISO)


Post Implementation Evaluation Report (PIER) UPDATES

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A Post Implementation Evaluation Report (PIER) must be completed following the completion of an Information Technology (IT) project. The exception to this requirement is if the state agency has entered into an interagency agreement with the Office of State Audits and Evaluations as stipulated under the State Administrative Manual Section 4943. A project is not considered complete until the PIER is approved by the California Department of Technology (CDT). Approval of a PIER terminates the project reporting requirements.


The purpose of this Procedures/Standards update is to announce:

    • This iteration, updates were made to improve the process, consistency, and quality of the report, to support continuous improvement of the California’s Statewide IT project delivery through the collaborative development of a new accessible PIER Template.


The following reference materials are associated with this procedures/standards update. SIMM is available on the CDT’s website located at Policy – SIMM.

    • SIMM 05A, 10, 17, 19, 45, 50


Direct questions regarding this announcement to the Department of Technology, Office of Project Delivery (OSPD) at