PS 023 – Information Security General SIMM Maintenance (5305-A, 5330-E, and 5360-A)

Procedures and standards update August 2022


Agency Chief Information Officers (AIO)
Chief Information Officers (CIO)
Agency Information Security Officers (AISO)
Information Security Officers (ISO)


CDT General SIMM Maintenance

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The California Department of Technology (CDT) routinely evaluates its Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) policies and procedures for needed updates.


The purpose of this Procedures/Standards update is to announce:

    • The outcome of its most recent evaluation which yielded non-substantive changes to several information security SIMMs (5305-A, 5330-E, and 5360-A). A summary of the updates for each SIMM is provided below.
    • SIMM 5305-A: Minor edits to policy and procedure management section were made. These updates include:
        • Added “and procedure” where it was not specifically stated. Though the lead in sentence for this section and corresponding NIST SP 800-53 controls specifically state policy and procedure, this update will make it clearer.
        • Added “most recent version” for NIST SP 800-53 control reference on page
    • SIMM 5330-E: Updated to add option to certify “No Host/Hosted relationship exists” and a requirement to file an update within 10-days of any change.
    • SIMM 5360-A: Minor edit to Section 7 Heading and update for pointer to new Statewide Telework Policy and Guidance
        • The Section 7 heading was updated with the missing  “AND,” changed to “7.1 STANDARDS FOR EXCEPTIONS AND WHEN A PERSONALLY-OWNED INFORMATION ASSET IS USED TO TELEWORK”
        • The URL to the Statewide Policy was updated to point to the new Telework policy and guidance website.


The following reference materials are associated with this procedures/standards update. Statewide Information Management Manual (SIMM) is available on the CDT’s website located at Policy – SIMM. The State Administrative Manual (SAM) is available on the Department of General Services website located at: SAM – DGS.

    • SIMM 5305-A
    • SIMM 5305-C
    • SIMM 5330-E
    • SIMM 5360-A


Questions regarding this announcement may be directed to the CDT, Office of Information Security (OIS) at