How Do I Start a Project?

SIMM 19 – Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL), is divided into four stages which are detailed below. Each stage is separated by gates of approval. Each stage consists of a set of prescribed, cross-functional, and parallel activities to develop deliverables used as the inputs for the next stage. The gates provide a series of “go/no go” decision points that request only the necessary and known information needed to make sound decisions for that particular point in time.

All documents associated with the PAL process are available on SIMM 19 – Project Approval Lifecycle.

What is the Project Development process?

Stage 1 – Business Analysis

Agency Approval

  • Identify Problem/Opportunity
  • Establish Business Case/Need
  • Ensure Strategic Alignment
  • Assess Organizational Readiness

What do I have to do to move forward?

Stage 2 – Alternative Analysis

Department of Technology and Department Of Finance Approval

  • Assess Existing Business Processes
  • Market Research
  • Develop Business Requirements
  • Identify Solution alternatives
  • Recommended Solution
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Project Timeline

How do I hire a vendor?

Stage 3 – Solicitation Analysis

Department of Technology Approval

  • Develop Solution Requirements
  • Develop Request for Proposal
  • Procurement Documents

When do I award the Contract?

Stage 4 – Solution Analysis

Department of Technology and Department Of Finance Approval

  • RFP Solicitation
  • Select Vendor
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Assess project readiness
  • Baseline Project
  • DOF/Legislature Approval