Platform Hosting - Database - DB2 (LUW)


IBM DB2 is supported across the Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW) operating systems, fluidly adapting to changing needs while integrating with multiple platforms, languages, and workloads. DB2 is able to adapt and grow without constant reinvestment.

Adaptive Compression

Savings in storage, no more reorgs to compress tables, improve buffer pool usage, reduce I/O request to read the same amount of data and deliver better performance

Continuous Data Ingest

Load large data sets using CDI without sacrificing performance, concurrency and/or recoverability

Multi-temperature storage

Lower storage cost, efficient storage manage and consistent database performance

The following are included in the DB2 LUW service:

  • Installation, upgrades, patches, fixes, and standard configuration of the database software
  • Incident resolution associated with application configuration changes
  • Contract management and licensing for DB2 software
  • Assistance with requests for database restores
  • Monitoring of free disk space
  • Alert when disk space is below threshold levels determined by the customer
  • Maintenance of the database and log backups
  • Monitoring and modifications of the DB2 software
  • Review and recommendations of optional configurations that may enhance capacity and performance requirements
  • Maintenance software/configurations
  • Resolution of database system problems or facilitation of vendor support for issues through authorized escalation processes

DB2DB2 Version 11DB2 Version 10Hosting Advantages
DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition
DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
DB2 Direct Advanced Edition
DB2 Direct Standard Edition
DB2 Developer Community Edition
DB2 Express-C Edition
DB2 v11.1 for Linux
Windows, and
DB2 Connect
DB2 v10.5 for Linux
Windows, and
DB2 Connect
File Maintenance
Performance Management

Database Backup Schedule

Full BackupWeekly
Incremental BackupDaily
Archive Log BackupMultiple times every day
Backup Retention28 days

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Consulting Services

The core business hours for DB2 technical support are Monday through Friday from 0700 – 1700. State holidays and mandated schedule alterations are observed and may impact staff availability. After hours, on-call technical support may be requested through a service request submitted 10 days prior to the requested date and may incur additional charges.

Provide contract and licensing for DBMS softwareX
Define database availability requirementsX
Document database design and application architectureX
Submit services request(s) to purchase DBMS licenses or renew maintenanceX
System-level administrationX
Manage contract and licensing for DBMS softwareX
Perform on and off-line scheduled database backupsX
Assist customers upon request to restore a databaseX
Monitor free disk space and alert Customer when disk space is below threshold levelsX
Maintain data and log file backupsX
Assist in resolution of database application-level problemsX
Create database user account(s) within PostgreSQL and grant privilegesX
Monitor and modify DBMS softwareX
Maintain database dictionariesX
Respond to threshold limit notifications provided by CDT staff with mitigating actionX
Maintain application and database statisticsX
Test new maintenance and software releases at user and application levelsX
Review and recommend optional configurations that may better meet capacity and performance requirementsX
Perform DBMS version migrations, upgrades, and patchesX
Create and maintain database objectsX
Provide database user account and desired privilegesX
Load database data via assistance from CDTX
Application design, development, testing and migration adhering to supported software versionsX
Code modificationsX
Application design and maintenance adhering to supported software versionsX
Maintain application development toolsX
Ongoing monitoring of database growth in relation to disk spaceX
Perform data archivalX
Identity database application related problems or database system problems and report themX
Determine when a restore is neededX
Data cleansingX
Additional charges for CDT intervention, troubleshooting and correction of unauthorized changesX
Maintain database administration tools and utilitiesX
Maintain DBMS software/configurationsX
Resolve database system problems or seek vendor support for DBMS issues through authorized escalation processesX

The rate schedule represents standard CDT services. If a Customer requires technology solutions that are not part of the standard, CDT will review the Customer’s request and provide customized pricing as necessary.

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
CDT Processing Fee on Pass-through ProductsPass-through FeeDedicated Expenses% of Direct Pass-Through Costs - Per Purchase OrderPass-through + 2.71% CDT Processing FeeD101 - Pass-ThroughPlus the CDT Processing Fee of 2.71%
DB2 Database SupportTier 2-Database SupportDatabase SupportMonthly/Per DB Instance$975.00 M627
Enterprise Linux - DB2 Database SupportTier 2-Database SupportDatabase SupportMonthly/Per DB Instance$975.00 M631
Enterprise Linux - DB2 Database Instance InstallationTier 2-Database SupportDatabase SupportOne-Time/Per Instance$690.00 M632
DB2 Database Instance Set-up Fee for Database Support - Tier 2Tier 2-Database SupportDatabase SupportOne-Time/Per Instance$690.00 M635

Subscriptions to this service are available. 

Service Request NameLink
New Database or Database Environment
Go to the Enterprise Services Delivery Process page for order information.
Enterprise Services Delivery Process
Change to a Current DB2-LUW Database or Decommission
Order a Change or Decommission of a Current DB2-LUW