Platform Hosting - z/OS

99.999% availability – that’s only 5.26 minutes downtime a year!

CDT’s z Systems (z/OS and zLinux) hosting platforms are comprised of the hardware, operating systems, network services, and storage. Our support includes the installation, configuration, and support of system and application enabling software components that reside on the z Systems platform. High availability and disaster recovery solutions are also available.

The z Systems platform (z/OS and zLinux) is designed to meet business requirements for applications that:

  • Need 24/7 availability
  • Demand a high level of security and encryption
  • Requires disaster recovery
  • Entail a large volume of stored data
  • Demand rapid response time for transaction or analytical processing

The z Systems platform consists of:

  • 10 GB network connections
  • No single point of failure
  • Parallel Sysplex design for redundancy and reliability
Mainframe Computer


  • No need to purchase or manage servers, system software, storage or network equipment
  • Customers focus on supporting their application product, not the hardware or operating system
  • 24/7 Service Desk support
  • A dedicated support team of experienced, certified professionals with specific knowledge of the z Systems platform, its capabilities and offerings
  • Hardware and software components are built to create a stable, secure, fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure
  • Consultation available to identify the optimal solution that will meet business and IT requirements

We provide administration on equipment within the z Systems Platform Hosting service. This includes installation, patching, and product maintenance. We perform these tasks according to standard procedures and configurations. We manage the software contract and licensing, and serve as the liaison between the Customer and technology vendors for technical system-level issues. The following components are included in the service offering:

Dedicated/Knowledgeable Technical Support Staff

A dedicated support team of experienced, certified professionals with specific knowledge of the z Systems platform, its capabilities, and offerings are responsible for the oversight and operation of the platform to ensure that services meet the stated service levels.

Operating System

  • z/OS

Network Connection

  • FICON channel connections to DASD
  • Redundant 10 GB network connections
  • One Virtual Internet Protocol Address (VIPA)  – Virtual IP address associated with a software-managed stack 

Disaster Recovery (DR)

The Service Continuity Mainframe Services (SCMS) offering establishes capability that enables DR for Customer systems and data on the z Systems platform hosted at one of the two CDT campuses (Rancho Cordova & Vacaville). Please see the Data Backup & Disaster Recovery tab for further details.

Programming Languages

Enterprise COBOLCommon Business Orientated Language
FORTRANFormula Translation
AssemblerFunctionally Efficient Low-Level Programming Language
JavaHigh-Level Object-Oriented Programming Language
C/C++High-Level Object-Oriented Programming Language
SASStatistical Analysis SoftwareSAS
PythonWeb and Internet Development, Database Access, Desktop GUIs, Scientific & NumericPythonOpen Source
PerlProcess and Experiment Automation Realtime Language. Web and Internet Development, Database Access, GUI Development, Event-Driven ProgrammingPerlOpen Source
PHPPHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Web development software compatible with other programming languages (C++ or Python)PHPOpen Source
TCLTool Command LanguageTCLOpen Source

Tools and Products

Application Development/TestingFault AnalyzerHelps to identify, analyze, and fix the problems associated with failing applications.
Application Development/TestingWorkload SimulatorUsed to determine system performance and response time, evaluate network design, perform functional testing, and to automate regression testing.
Application Development/TestingApplication PerformanceMonitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. Detects and diagnoses complex application performance problems.
Application Development/TestingHourGlassClock simulator for testing mainframe applications
Application Development/TestingDebugUsed to examine, monitor and control the execution of C, C+ and Cobol programs.
Identity ResolutionIIR (SSA NAME3)Identity searching and matching.
ReportingFocusData access and analysis tool that includes report and chart display and presentation features.
ReportingVisionA COBOL-like language with interfaces to DB2 databases and VSAM that includes pre-canned forms, memos, letters and labels.
Report ManagementCA View (SAR)Comprehensive report-management viewing, archival and print distribution system covering every aspect of report life cycle.
Report ManagementGo-OnlineClient Web Viewer for reports stored on SAR report management system.
AnalyticsSASStatistical Analysis Software, is a suite of tools for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics.
Data ManagementFile ManagerToolset for working with mainframe datasets and DB2 and CICS data.
Data ManagementSyncsortHigh-performance sort, merge, copy, analysis, and reporting product.
ReportingEasyTrieveCreate and publish comprehensive reports using English-like commands.
JCL SyntaxProJCLJCL Syntax Checker
Module ControlPanvaletA centralized library management tool for creating, storing, and maintaining program source data.
Workload ManagementESPJob and event scheduling
GUI-based tools for z SystemsIBM ExplorerFile Manager, Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, Workload Simulator, Application Performance Analyzer.
SecurityRACFResource Access Control Facility.

Infrastructure Capacity

We review workload growth monthly to determine capacity needs and annually increase the capacity of CPU/DASD/VTS and network components to keep pace with increases in workload demand.

  • Conduct system-level performance tuning as necessary.
  • Provide performance reporting regarding processor utilization, memory consumption, and disk utilization.
  • Monitor system throughput, usage, and capacity.

Support of z Systems Application, Database, and Software

We have implemented industry best practices in support of the z Systems platform to ensure that the operating system and third-party software are at vendor supported versions. The application, database, and software support includes, but is not limited to, installation, testing, maintenance, software licenses (keys), user exits, local mods, procurement, and migration to production.

Support of z Systems Infrastructure OS and Hardware

We have developed industry best practices in support of the z Systems platform to ensure that any hardware components (CPU, DASD, VTS, network components, etc.) are maintained via warranty, or are on an annual hardware refresh cycle. The OS and hardware support includes, but is not limited to the installation, testing, maintenance, software licenses (keys), user exits, local mods, procurement, and migration to production.


We offer a number of database management system (DBMS) technologies.

  • Db2 – We support IBM’s relational database management system – Db2 – and its associated products. Db2 Data Sharing Groups are available and IBM’s Db2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA). IDAA hardware and software allows for data analytics, data reporting, and data warehouse functionality for application processes requiring these features. Access to the Db2 Tools and Utilities is currently available via 3270 emulation and will be available via web browsers in the future. The current version of Db2 includes REST services. Db2 REST services enable your web, mobile, and cloud applications to interact with Db2 data through a set of scalable RESTful Application Program Interfaces (API). These API’s are fully integrated into the Db2 distributed data facility (DDF).  The APIs can create, discover, execute, and manage user-defined services in Db2.


We provide a number of middleware technologies, including:


We offer multiple printing options:

  • Printing on a printed page, on impact printers, or laser printers
  • Printing on a printed form

Go-Online provides Customers an efficient and secure alternative to view and manage output via a web browser on a desktop, mobile devices, etc. Customers can immediately access documents/reports stored in their z System repository utilizing Output Management Web Viewer (OMWV), CA-View, and CA-Deliver. This provides an economical and “green” alternative to printed reports.

For additional information, FAQs, and training demonstrations visit the Go-Online training webpage.

Other Services

  • Stand-by Services – We are available, upon a Customer’s advance request, to provide standby support. In some cases, stand-by services may be billable to the Customer.
  • Consulting Services – We provide customer training on specific technical items.
  • Vendor Liaison Services – We can communicate with vendors, as requested, to ask questions on behalf of a Customer.

Data Backup

Incremental backups are performed regularly on all data that resides in data center managed pools, i.e. all volumes except dedicated volumes. (Dedicated volumes are assigned and billed to a customer who is responsible for all storage management activities for that volume.) All backups are written to high capacity tapes.

Incremental Backups

Incremental Backups are performed by a software product called Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) and are done at the dataset level. These are logical backups of the datasets that are newly created or have changed since they were last backed up. All SMS datasets in the general pools are backed up by HSM.

FrequencyDatasets are backed up late evening/early morning after they are created or modified, every day of the week at the Rancho Cordova site.

RetentionThe seven (7) latest versions of a dataset are retained for a maximum of 30 days. If a dataset is deleted, the last backup copy is retained for 90 days.

Off-site Replication All backups are replicated off-site using a Virtual Tape Server (VTS) for the defined retention period.

ExceptionsDatasets in use at the time of the backups are skipped and NOT backed up.

RestoreCustomers can do their own restores via the HRECOVER panel. If additional help is needed, Customers can submit an incident ticket using the CDT Service Request tool, or contact the Service Desk at (916) 464-4311.

Customer Responsibilities

  • More frequent backups, if required, of critical data stored on DASD volumes.
  • Creating long-term (retention period) backups, if needed, of data stored on DASD volumes.
  • All backups of data stored on Customer dedicated volumes.
  • Datasets that are in use during the CDT backup window.
  • Database files.

Full Volume Backups

Full Volume Backups are performed by a software product called FDR. All system volumes are backed up on a weekly basis and kept for 30 days. The Service Continuity Mainframe Services (SCMS) offering enables us to provide Disaster Recovery for the z Systems platform and for Customers’ whose systems are hosted at one of the two CDT campuses (Rancho Cordova & Vacaville).

Disaster Recovery


  • z Systems Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) will replicate at the alternate campus.
  • Virtual Tape System (VTS) will provide access to tape data at the alternate campus.
  • z Systems Capacity On-Demand available at each campus to recover all DR customers at the alternate campus (in the event of a true disaster).
  • 24 Hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
  • 5 Minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for DASD.
  • Exercise schedule flexibility.
  • 24/7 Service Desk availability during DR exercises.

z Systems

Installation, configuration & support of z/OS operating system.X
Installation, configuration & support of z/OS hardware environments.X
Installation, configuration & support of z/OS application enabling software.X
Version management of hardware and software.XX
Disaster recovery solutions.XX
Software licensing (keys).X
Application support.X
User exits / APIs.X

z Systems Storage

Incremental backups of managed pools.X
Dedicated volumes.X
Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) configuration and support.X
Backup frequency management.X
Retention policy.XX
Data replication.X
Virtual Tape System (VTS) management.X
System volume backups.X
Database file backups.X
Data on dedicated volumes.X
Application data retentions.X
Service Continuity Mainframe Service (SCMS).XX

Output Management

CA Web Viewer (Go-Online) application support (view, print, index, export).XX
CA Web Viewer technical platform support.X
CA Web Viewer administration.X
Electronic forms management (AFP and Xerox).XX

z Security

z System password administration.XX
Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) reporting.X
RACF administrator management.XX
Security audit support.X
ISM administration (DMV Only).X X
Vanguard user support.XX
Resolve z System access incidents.XX
System/product security access.X
Go-Online access administration.XX
Salesforce (CPRO) RACF administrator management.XX

Capacity Planning

Daily reporting of system capacity and performance.X
Monitoring to identify batch or online excessive use.X
Provide resource metrics for new/revised applications.XX
Vendor reporting.X
Quarterly performance measurements.X
Workload management.X
CPU projections.X
Billing (cost recovery).X
Customer impact to z System platform.X
System Managed Facility (SMF) statistical reporting.X

The rate schedule represents standard CDT services. If a Customer requires technology solutions that are not part of the standard, CDT will review the Customer’s request and provide customized pricing as necessary.

z/OS Processing – Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116

Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
CPU Batch ProcessingNormalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C101
CPU Time Sharing Option (TSO)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C102
CPU Started Task (STC)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C103
CPU Open Edition/Multiple Virtual System - Unix System Services (OE/MVS)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C104
CPU Customer Information Control System Transaction Server (CICS)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C105
CPU Adaptable DAta BAse System (ADABAS)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C106
CPU DB2Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$545.00 C108
CPU System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)Normalized to IBM CPU 2064-116zSystem ProcessingPer Hour$54.00 C112


Service DescriptionService IdentifierProduct NameUnit of MeasurementRateService CodeNotes
Disk Storage – Shared (Z/OS Platform)Mainframe StorageMonthly/Per Gb$2.95 S101
Disk Storage - ADABASzSystem StorageMonthly/Per Gb$2.95 S103
Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) Level 2 Data Storage TechniquezSystem StorageMonthly/Per Gb$1.80 S107
Virtual Tape StoragezSystem StorageMonthly/Per Gb$0.47 S213

Service Request NameLink
258 RACF Customer Authorization FormOrder RACF Customer Authorization Form
CICS – Z SystemsOrder CICS
Disk or Tape DatasetsOrder Disk or Tape Datasets
zSystems VPS (Add, Delete, Modify)Order Mainframe VPS (Add, Delete, Modify)
Non-Expiring RACF PasswordOrder Non-Expiring RACF Password
ADABAS Database ServicesOrder ADABAS Database Services
zSystems Dedicated SoftwareOrder Mainframe Dedicated Software
zSystems Network ServicesOrder zSystems Network Services
Off-Shift SupportOrder Off-Shift Support
zSystems Services
(e.g., modify/cancel jobs, recycle services)
Order zSystems Services
zSystems - New Environment
1. The Customer develops their capacity requirements.
2. The Customer creates an architectural diagram.
3. The Customer creates and submits a Service Request with requirements and diagram attached (Under ‘Service Category’ – select “Customer-Infrastructure & Platform Services”).
4. The Customer requests their Account Lead to schedule a technical overview meeting to review the Customer's business needs/requirements and specifications.
5. CDT develops a cost estimate.
6. CDT provisions the Application Hosting environment including hardware, software, and network-based on the architectural diagram.
7. The environment is turned over to the Customer.
Order New zSystems Services
Professional ServicesOrder Professional Services