Tech Alerts

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The California Department of Technology issues Tech Alerts (TA) as a formal process to communicate new service offerings, changes in services, rates or processes, or the discontinuance of a service offering. If you have questions about any of these TAs, please contact the person noted in the TA.

2024 Tech Alerts
24-01HTMLCDT-Supported On-Premises Storage as a Service (STaaS)4/2/2024Active
24-02HTMLFY 24-25 Rate Adjustments5/9/2024Active
2023 Tech Alerts
23-09HTMLCalifornia Cloud Services Assessment (CCSA)10/31/2023Active
23-08HTMLOn-Premises Storage as a Service (STaaS) Transition8/24/2023Refer to Service Catalog
23-07HTMLFY 2023-24 Rate Adjustments6/23/2023Active
23-06HTMLSunsetting CalCloud6/15/2023Active
23-05HTMLSunsetting Shared Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)5/10/2023Active
23-04HTMLSolaris Service Sunsetting5/1/2023Active
23-03PDFAfter-Hours and Standby Consulting Expedite Fee Changes (PDF)3/23/2023Refer to Service Catalog
23-02PDFFY 2022-23 Billing Changes (PDF)3/9/2023Refer to Service Catalog
23-01PDFOn-Premises Storage as a Service (STaaS) Updates (PDF)1/30/2023Refer to Service Catalog
2022 Tech Alerts
22-04PDFChanges to Off-Premises Cloud Service Offerings (PDF)8/8/2022Refer to Service Catalog
22-03PDFFY 22-23 Billing Changes - 2022 (PDF)6/7/2022Refer to Service Catalog
22-02PDFGlobal Supply Chain Impact5/31/2022Retired
22-01PDFVHSS Contracts for eSignature/Digital Signature Expiring (PDF)2/16/2022Retired
2021 Tech Alerts
21-04PDFBilling Changes for Security Services7/13/2021Refer to Service Catalog
21-03PDFAdditional Off-Premises Cloud Service Providers 4/12/2021Refer to Service Catalog
21-02PDFOutdated Hardware & Software 2/26/2021Refer to Service Catalog
21-01PDFPassword Policy Changes1/26/2021Retired
2020 Tech Alerts
20-05PDFFY2020/21New Services and Rates (PDF)11/6/2020Refer to Service Catalog
20-04PDFUpdate to TA 19 04 Cellular Voice and Data Services Contracts (PDF)5/15/2020Refer to Service Catalog
20-03PDFVHSS Contract for Clarity/PPM SaaS Expiring (PDF)3/17/2020Retired
20-02PDFOptical Character Recognition Bot (OCRBot) PDF Accessibility Assistance Tool (PDF)3/13/2020Refer to Service Catalog
2019 Tech Alerts
19-05PDFAdditional FY2019/20 Rate Adjustments (PDF)10/22/2019Refer to Service Catalog
19-04PDFCALNET Cellular Voice and Data Services Contract (PDF)9/23/2019Refer to Service Catalog
19-03PDFServiceNow Go-Live and Remedy Decommission Plan (PDF)8/16/2019Refer to Service Catalog
19-02PDFFY2019/20 Rate Adjustments (PDF)6/4/2019Refer to Service Catalog
19-01PDFCalTABS Billing System Upgrade (PDF)4/12/2019Refer to Service Catalog
2018 Tech Alerts
18-09PDFMicrosoft Windows 2008 Servers – End of Support (PDF)12/17/2018
18-08PDFCalifornia Network and Telecommunications (CALNET) Category 2 - Network Based Web Conferencing (PDF)11/7/2018
Refer to Service Catalog

18-07PDFVerizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) Service Sunsetting (PDF)11/5/2018
18-06PDFNew Process to Access CalCloud (PDF)11/2/2018
Refer to Service Catalog
18-05PDFFedRAMP Moderate Off-Premises Cloud Services (PDF)10/5/2018
Refer to Service Catalog
18-04PDFFY2018/19 Rate Adjustments7/3/2018
Refer to service catalog
18-03PDFAutomated Process for CALNET, CGEN, or Cloud Exemption and/or Delegation Requests7/2/2018
Refer to service catalog
18-02PDFNew Service Offering: Learning Management System (LMS)4/30/2018
Refer to service catalog
18-01PDFMicrosoft Office 365 Premier Support4/23/2018
Refer to service catalog
2017 Tech Alerts
TA 17-13(PDF) FY 2017/18 Procurement and Contract Deadlines 12/8/2017
TA 17-12(PDF)New Service Offering: Storage as a Service (STaaS) 11/7/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-11(PDF)FY2017/18 Adjusted and New Rates

Refer to service catalog
TA 17-10(PDF)SFT Service Sunsetting 9/8/2017
TA 17-09(PDF) New Service Offering: Cloud Provider Interconnect 8/15/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-08(PDF)New Service Offering: Off-Premises Cloud Services 8/4/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-07(PDF)FY 2017/18 New Services and Rates 7/25/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-06(PDF)Microsoft Windows 2003 Server – End of Support Year Three 5/17/2017
TA 17-05(PDF)New Service Offering: Off-premises Storage as a Service (STaaS) 5/8/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-04(PDF)New Statewide Structured Cabling Contract 3/7/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-03(PDF)Customer Service System (CSS) Retirement3/3/2017
TA 17-02(PDF)FY 2016/17 and FY 17/18 Rate Adjustments 1/11/2017
Refer to service catalog
TA 17-01(PDF)FY 2016/17 Procurement and Contract Deadlines 1/4/2017
2016 Tech Alerts
TA 16-17(PDF)VHSS New Service Offering: eSignature/Digital Signature 12/5/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-16(PDF)Oracle Support Options10/31/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-15(PDF)Self-Service Secure Certificates 10/24/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-14(PDF)Microsoft O365 Updates 9/20/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-13(PDF)CalCloud Network Attached Storage 9/2/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-12(PDF)Introduction of the California Innovation Lab 7/29/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-11(PDF)Microsoft Office 365 – New Services 7/1/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-10(PDF)SQL Server Licensing Model Change 5/16/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-09(PDF)Microsoft Windows 2003 Server – End of Support Year 2 4/28/2016
TA 16-08(PDF)Reduced Oracle Database Subscription Charges for DR 4/27/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-07(PDF)Microsoft Office 365 Process and G4 Licensing Restrictions 3/14/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-06(PDF)Introduction of Project Approval Lifecycle Assessment Rate 1/28/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-05(PDF)New Network Preventative Maintenance Window1/22/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-04(PDF)FY 2015/16 and FY 2016/17 New Rate Adjustments and New Services 1/21/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-03(PDF)CALNET 2 Extension1/20/2016
TA 16-02(PDF)Announcing Microsoft Office 3651/15/2016
Refer to service catalog
TA 16-01(PDF)New CalCloud Services 1/8/2016
Refer to service catalog
2015 Tech Alerts
TA-15-22(PDF)Service Request Fulfillment Project Update N/ARetired
TA-15-21(PDF)Oracle Database Subscription Licenses N/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-20(PDF)Additional Software Licenses AvailableN/ARetired
TA-15-19(PDF)Software Licenses AvailableN/ARetired
TA-15-18(PDF)CalCloud IaaS New Rates and Services N/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-17(PDF)Introduction of CA Web Publishing ServiceN/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-16(PDF)Announcing the California Project Management OfficeN/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-15(PDF)Server Load Balancing Services Improvements N/ARetired
TA-15-14(PDF)URSUS Content Management Service Sunsetting N/ARetired
TA-15-13(PDF)SFT Maintenance Window ChangeN/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-12(PDF)Telnet and FTP Encryption N/ARetired
TA-15-11(PDF)Customer Naming Standards N/ARetired
TA-15-10(PDF)CalTech Quarterly CA.mail Forum N/ARetired
TA-15-09(PDF)SQL Server Pack Update N/ARetired
TA-15-08(PDF)New Storage Management Class (SMC) Default N/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-07(PDF)Microsoft Windows 2003 Server End of Life N/ARetired
TA-15-06(PDF)CalTech Quarterly Forum N/ARetired
TA-15-05(PDF)ADABAS Billing N/ARetired
TA-15-04(DOCX)Standard Change Notifications N/ARetired
TA-15-03(DOCX)Cloud Statement of Work Template N/ARefer to service catalog
TA-15-02(PDF)CalTech Quarterly CA.mail Forum N/ARetired
TA-15-01(PDF)Reporting IncidentsN/ARefer to service catalog
2014 Tech Alerts
TA-14-23(PDF)FY 2014/15 Billing Rate ChangesN/ARefer to service catalog
TA-14-22(PDF)Secure Certificate Service SHA-1 Deprecation N/ARefer to service catalog
TA-14-21(PDF)A.mail Quarterly ForumN/ARetired
TA 14-20(PDF)TMS Computer Room Access N/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-19(PDF)Windows 2003 End of SupportN/ARetired
TA 14-18(DOCX)Statewide Centrex Cost ReductionN/ARetired
TA 14-17(DOCX)New Requirements for Raised Floor Visits N/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-16(DOCX)Enterprise Linux Application Hosting Service N/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-15(PDF)IPOC Service Rate Change and Service Request Process N/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-14(PDF)IP Address Change for DNS ServerN/ARetired
TA 14-13(PDF)OTech Quarterly Network Forum N/ARetired
TA 14-12(PDF)OTech Quarterly CA.mail ForumN/ARetired
TA 14-11(PDF)Launch of CalCloudN/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-10(PDF)Remedy UpgradeN/ARetired
TA 14-09(PDF)Highway 50 Corridor Construction Impact N/ARetired
TA 14-08(PDF)Service Request Modernization Customer Forum N/ARetired
TA 14-07(PDF)Secure File Transfer Upgrade N/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-06(PDF)OTech Quarterly Network Forum N/ARetired
TA 14-04(PDF)Enterprise Firewall Replacement N/ARetired
TA 14-03(PDF)FY 2013/14 Billing Rate ChangesN/ARefer to service catalog
TA 14-02(PDF)Billing Rate Changes and Customer Forum N/ARetired
TA 14-01(PDF)Enterprise Firewall Upgrade - Amended N/ARetired
2013 Tech Alerts
TA 13-16(PDF)Firewall Changes for DNS N/ARetired
TA 13-15(PDF)Microsoft SQL 2008 End of Mainstream SupportN/ARetired
TA 13-14(PDF)Sunsetting of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS)N/ARetired
TA 13-13(PDF)Postponement of Firewall Changes to DNS AccessN/ARetired
TA 13-12(PDF)CSS Web ChangesN/ARetired
TA 13-11(PDF)Revised Date for Firewall Changes to Domain Name Service (DNS) AccessN/ASuperseded by TA 13-13
TA 13-10(PDF)Firewall Changes to Domain Name Service (DNS) Access N/ASuperseded by TA 13-11
TA 13-09(PDF)Super Sunday Router UpgradeN/ARetired
TA 13-08(PDF)Super Sunday PilotN/ARetired
TA 13-07(PDF)FY 2013/2014 Funding InformationN/ARetired
TA 13-06(PDF)Service Catalog ImprovementsN/ARefer to service catalog
TA 13-05(PDF)Change in Cost for Encryption ServicesN/ARetired
TA 13-04(PDF)FY 2012/13 Mid-Year and FY 2013/14 Billing Rate N/ARefer to service catalog
TA 13-03(PDF)Customer Account Codes on S1S1/S2S2N/ARetired
TA 13-02(PDF)Termination of OTech's Mainframe Tape Courier ServiceN/ARetired
TA 13-01(PDF)Physical Mainframe Tape Retirement PlanN/ARetired
2012 Tech Alerts
TA 12-06(PDF)Customer Account Codes on S1S1/S2S2 N/ASuperseded by TA 13-03
TA 12-05(DOCX)Visara Master Rental Agreement (MRA) Expiration Part III - Final Notice N/ARetired
TA 12-04(DOCX)Iron Mountain ContractN/ARetired
TA 12-03(PDF)Customer Freeze Request Submission ProcessN/ARefer to service catalog
TA 12-02(PDF)Visara Master Rental Agreement (MRA) Expiration Part II - Price List N/ARetired
TA 12-01(PDF)Visara Master Rental Agreement ExpirationN/ARetired