During the remediation, we partner with theĀ  service stakeholders and key staff members to implement the assessment report recommendations. Our remediation resources may include:

    • Disaster Recovery Planning workshops
    • Funding support
    • IT consultation
    • Procurement services
    • System Observability
    • Vulnerability Insights

Your role

Your participation is essential for success during remediation. During remediation your team will:

    • Receive and review the remediation tracking log
    • Get business and IT buy-in of the remediation tracking log recommendations
    • Attend meetings and provide status updates
    • Complete the tasks as defined by the remediation tracking log recommendations
    • Transition remediation to your agency or department
    • Identify other needs that align with the Technology Modernization Fund and the Digital Innovation Fund efforts

Remediation activities

Timeframe: Up to a year

Assessment report closeout and remediation kickoff

In this meeting, we collaborate to establish roles and responsibilities, key milestones, assign tasks, and schedule ongoing remediation meetings. We typically discuss these topics:

    • Report discussion over findings and recommendations
    • Remediation timeline
    • Remediation tracking log
  • Stabilization recommendations
  • Prioritization and level of effort
  • CDT support needed
  • Modernization opportunities

Remediation tracking

We work with you to create a remediation plan and schedule regular check-in meetings. We also discuss a plan for your state entity to take ownership of remediation.
You can use the remediation tracking phase to review, prioritize, and assign tasks. Generally, tracking includes:

    • Tasks to remediate the system
    • Items that need CDT support
    • Types of resources needed (funding, staff augmentation, transition to modernization, etc.)

Complete remediation tasks

Now that there is a plan and strategy, we partner together to complete the necessary tasks to make your system healthier.

Funding / Resources

You may learn about funding opportunities during your remediation. These include:

Remediation ends

By implementing and completing the stabilization strategy, your system is healthier. Although our remediation is over, you can:

    • Be in a better position to maintain your system
    • Leverage internal funds to continue to support your system
    • Leverage our additional service offerings
    • Submit a stabilization request for another system