Office of Enterprise Architecture

The Office of Enterprise Architecture (OEA) resides within the Government Operations Agency’s Department of Technology. The OEA leads California’s EA program, in tandem with enterprise-level strategic, business, and technology planning to help guide changes necessary to achieve business objectives. The OEA is a strategic business planner and leader in identifying and formulating operational opportunities that advance business and effectively deliver User-Centric solutions.




Business Transformation Consultation

Strategic planning and analysis of an organization’s purpose, goals, objectives, current, and future business value(s). This consultation helps guide state entities decisions making to achieve expected business-driven, measurable results.

Modernization Consultation

Consultation to guide analysis, prototype, and evaluation of sustainable applications, and services that enable state entities to effectively support user-centric business strategies.

Architecture Oversight

Oversee statewide program alignment and cross-program architectural principles, guidelines, and design patterns. The Offices oversight, guided by the CEAF, helps ease delivery of fit for purpose business systems. This helps deliver social, business, and financial value throughout the State. Leading California’s Enterprise Architect Community also helps promote the reuse of pragmatic methods. See the Community page for more information. 

Request EA Consulting

Open a Case/ Request if you would like to discuss a consulting engagement with one of our architects. In the *Select one of the following Consulting options, select “Enterprise Architecture” in the Case Form.