Website Hosting

CDT offers website hosting services on both dedicated and shared web servers for state and other government agencies.



  • Web Server installation, configuration, and administration
  • Ability to implement custom modifications such as URL rewrite (customized page routing) and configuring custom error pages


  • Supports standard Microsoft .Net and IIS modules
  • Real-time monitoring

Website Hosting Model Comparison

Storage Optional 20 MB 2 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 200 MB/month 10 GB/month
Web Server O/S Dependent IIS 7.5 IIS 7.5
Domain Name Service (DNS) Optional Optional Optional
Secure Certificate (SSL) Optional Optional Optional
File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) 2 User IDs 2 User IDs 2 User IDs
Hosted Sites Unlimited* 1 URL 1 URL

* Per site setup charge applied

This offering is classified as a Current Service.

The following components and features are standard specifications for the Website Hosting service.


CDT managed services for physical servers includes coordination, setup, and administration of the physical server located at the CDT data center.

The dedicated Windows hosting solution includes multi-site hosting capabilities such as Microsoft SQL Server to complete the Windows dedicated hosting solution.

CPU 2 x 8-core (16 total cores)
Memory 16 GB Memory
Additional Memory first 16 GB
Additional Memory per 32 GB
Storage 60 GB Storage*

* Storage is reserved only for the operating system


CDT managed services for virtual server uses VMWare as its standard virtualization platform

CDT offers platform-as-a-service for managed cloud services. The offering can scale to meet application demands and fit the Customer’s business requirements. This service provides compatibility with all Microsoft based and server based applications as well as enterprise class virtual infrastructure hosting performance.

CPU 1 virtual core
(Maximum 12 virtual cores)
Memory 1 GB vRAM
(Maximum = 32 GB vRAM)
Storage Purchase amount needed
(8 GB recommended)

For the CDT infrastructure as a service, see CalCloud virtual infrastructure services.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64-bit)
Connection to SAN
  • 4 Gb Fibre Channel
  • 8 Gb Fibre Channel
Network Connection
  • 1 Gb network connection
  • One IP address

System Center Endpoint Protection is included in the standard Application Hosting service.


The Windows platform software tools are included in the standard Application Hosting service.

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.x

The following components and features are optional specifications for the Website Hosting service.

  • Additional FTPS Accounts
  • Additional Storage
  • Additional Hosted Websites

CDT offers the following Windows Enterprise versions:

  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2008 Release 2

Enterprise Edition is only available for Windows Server 2008 environments.


CDT offers a number of database management system (DBMS) technologies.


CDT provides a number of middleware technologies.


CDT Disaster Recovery consists of the planning and preparation necessary to enable Customers to recover critical information technology applications hosted on the platform.

  • Centralized backup system
  • Last backup Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Capability to failover to alternate campus
  • Hardware to support critical applications
  • Exercise schedule flexibility
  • Cost efficient DR services
  • Technical support during an exercise and in the event of a disaster
  • Service Desk 24×7 availability during DR exercises
  • Transfer the output files to the Customer.
  • SAN storage is available in increments of 1 GB.
  • Data storage on disk using redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
  • Off-site storage
Server Administration

CDT provides Windows server maintenance administration including Operating System (OS) patching and updating of servers. Enterprise level applications such as System Center Operations Manager, System Center Endpoint Protection, HP Insight Manager are available for 24/7 monitoring of the performance, wellness, security, and connectivity of the server. With planned patch management, CDT ensures the data and business are protected at all times.

CDT manages all OS maintenance, monitoring, security, backups, upgrades, troubleshooting and vendor escalation for server support. CDT will communicate planned updates (such as OS upgrades or patching) to the Customer.

The Customer installs, maintains, patches, and troubleshoots all of the hosted application software on the provisioned servers.

File System Administration

CDT provides a shared centralized file storage and retrieval for equipment connected to the CDT network. Customers may elect to set up files to be accessible by specific groups or users.

Disk Administration

CDT monitors and manages the disk space usage using Microsoft System Center Operating Manager (SCOM) for all Windows systems.

Backup and Restore Administration

CDT provides backup and restore services.

  • Backups occur between 6pm and 6am Monday through Saturday.
  • A full backup occurs once per week and incremental backups occur on the other five days.
  • A Backup Status Report is available at 9:00 AM, Tuesday through Sunday.
  • The primary copy of each backup remains at the OTech data center and is retained for 30 days.
  • The second copy of each backup is sent to off-site storage. These copies are retained for two weeks.

File and disk restoration from virtual tape backup is reserved for disk failure and operational recovery purposes only. Requests for restores outside of these situations should be submitted in writing to your Account Lead.

Database Backup

Full hot database backups are run daily Monday through Saturday. During these backups databases are still available for processing.


CDT proactively monitors the network & server infrastructure health with multi-layer security and monitoring systems designed specifically for the managed servers. CDT’s monitoring service tracks the resources, processes, and services running on server including:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • Running processes and applications
  • Vital services
Technology Refresh

Hardware is refreshed as needed, but typically every five years.

Vendor Contract Administration

CDT manages the vendor contracts for the Windows platform and provides licenses for hosted servers.

User Account Administration

Microsoft Windows Server Administration (SA) authority is restricted to CDT designated personnel. Server access is permitted based upon server function and data type. Customers must refer to the 3138 – System Administrator Access Standard should SA be provided. SA privileges are never permitted on shared services.

Configuration changes made outside the scope delineated herein and needing intervention, correction, or troubleshooting by CDT staff may incur additional charges.


Operating system security is maintained by strict adherence to established, applicable CDT security policies. Policies include, but are not limited to: up-to-date anti-virus software with multiple anti-virus definition updates per day, an established every other month operating system patch cycle, and routine third party security scans to test for known vulnerabilities.

For more information, see Security Services.


CDT bills for consulting services when those services exceed the workload in the rates approved. For more information see IT Consulting Services.

Subscriptions to this service are available and can be referenced in the CDT Rate Schedule.

Service CodeService DescriptionUnit of MeasurementRateGroupComment(s)
I119Web Set-up FeeOne-Time/Web Instance$500.00Web Services
I124Dedicated Web SupportServer/Month$695.00Web Services
I201Tier 1 Shared Web Server includes: 1 domain name registration, 1 FTP UserID, Up to 20 MB storage, Up to 200 MB data transmissionInstance/Month$75.00Shared Web Hosting
I202Tier 2 Shared Web Server includes: 1 domain name registration, 1 FTP UserID, 250 MB storage, 10 GB data transmissionInstance/Month$193.00Shared Web Hosting
I203Storage75 MB/Month$25.00Shared Web Hosting
I204Data TransferGB/Month$13.00Shared Web Hosting
I205Domain Name Registration (Per Registration)One-Time/Registration$10.00Shared Web Hosting
I206FTP UserIDUserID/Month$5.00Shared Web Hosting
I207Secure Server CertificateCertificate/AnnuallyVariableWeb Services
I208Web Design & DevelopmentHour$130.00Web Services
I211Shared Web Hosting Set-upOne-Time/Setup$500.00Shared Web HostingMulti (Set-up Shared Web Hosting)
I211Shared Web Hosting Set-up FeeOne-Time/Setup$500.00Shared Web HostingMulti (Set-up Shared Web Hosting)
I212FTP UserID Set-upOne-Time/ID$10.00Shared Web Hosting

To request to Add, Change, Delete Shared Website Hosting and general questions about the service: Order Service Now

A completed Website Hosting Submittal (PDF) is required prior to the start of work for adding a new site. Complete the Submittal and attach it to the Service Request.