Technology letters

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Technology Letters (TL) are issued by the California Department of Technology to convey official communications regarding state IT, announce new (or changes to existing) IT policies and procedures, or announce new (or changes to existing) state IT services or standards. If you have questions about any of these TLs, please call the contact person noted in the TL.

23-04HTMLInformation Security and Privacy Program Compliance Certification for Independent and Constitutional Offices12/12/2023Active
23-03HTMLUpdate To Cloud Computing Policy – Cloud Smart10/31/2023Active
23-02HTMLBusiness Telecommunications Systems and Services Policy7/14/2023Active
23-01HTMLMulti-Factor Authentication Standard5/17/2023Active
22-02HTMLInternet Access Policy 12/16/2023Active
22-01HTMLProcurement Guidance for Executive Order N-6-22 3/23/2022Active
21-02HTMLInternet Domain Name Policy Update 11/30/2021Active
21-01PDFProject Cost Delegation (PDF) 3/24/2021Active
20-01PDFWorkgroup Collaboration Platform (PDF) 1/29/2020Active
19-02PDFPost Evaluation for IT Services Contracts (PDF) 12/31/2019Active
19-01PDFOpen Data (PDF) 3/13/2019Active
18-06PDFIT Project Procurement Authority (PDF)9/19/2018Active
18-05PDFWebsite Accessibility Certification (PDF)7/25/2018Active
18-04PDFWebsite Standards (PDF)7/23/2018Active
18-03PDFRecovery and Response Plans for Critical Infrastructure (PDF)6/19/2018Active
18-02PDFOpen Source and Code Reuse (PDF)5/30/2018Active
18-01PDFCalifornia Cybersecurity Maturity Metrics (PDF)3/19/2018Superseded by PS-014
17-07PDFUpdated Project Status Report and Independent Project Oversight Report (PDF)12/13/2017Active
17-06PDFUpdate to Cloud Computing Policy – Infrastructure and Platform (PDF)8/2017Superseded by TL 23-03
17-05PDFInternet Domain Name Policy (PDF)5/25/17Superseded by TL 21-02
17-04PDFUpdated IT Project Oversight Framework (PDF)4/13/2017Active
17-03PDFUpdates to Personal Information Breach Notification Requirements (PDF)3/29/2017Active
17-02PDFMobile Phone & Mobile Computing Device Requests (PDF)2/17/2017Active
17-01PDFUpdated Information Technology Cost Report (PDF)1/24/2017Active
16-09PDFTribal Consultation Policy (PDF)9/7/2016Active
16-08PDFProject Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis Delegation (PDF)9/12/2016Active
16-07PDFProject Approval Lifecycle, Stage 4 Project Readiness and Approval (PDF)8/29/2016Active
16-06PDFUpdated IT Accessibility Resource Guide (PDF) 7/8/2016Active
16-05PDFCalifornia Compliance and Security Incident Reporting System (CAL-CSIRS) (PDF)5/23/2016Active
16-04PDFCalifornia Project Management Framework (PDF)5/13/2016Active
16-03PDFUpdates to Personal Information Breach Notification Requirements (PDF)3/8/2016Active
16-02PDFProject Approval Lifecycle, Stage 3 Solution Development (PDF)1/29/2016Active
16-01PDFCloud Productivity Solutions (PDF)1/14/2016Superseded by TL 17-06
15-05PDFWeb Accessibility (PDF)11/30/2015Active
15-04PDFConceptually Approved Information Technology (IT) Project Proposals Report (PDF)10/31/2015Active
15-03PDFPlan of Action and Milestones Standard (PDF)8/31/2015Active
15-02PDFRevised Project Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis and Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis (PDF)6/30/2015Active
15-01PDFCOTS/SaaS Project Approval Delegation (PDF)6/19/2015Active
14-07PDFProject Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis and Stage 2 Alternatives Analysis (PDF)12/31/2014Superseded by TL 15-02
14-06PDFMobile Computing Device Request (PDF)2/5/2015Superseded by TL 17-02
14-05PDFInformation Technology Capital Plan (ITCP) Instructions (PDF)8/29/2014Active
14-04PDFCloud Computing Policy (PDF)9/5/2014Superseded by TL 17-06
14-03PDFRegister to Vote Graphic Image Requirement (PDF)6/13/2014Active
14-02PDFUpdate Feasibility Study Report (FSR) to Align with Stage 1 Business Analysis (PDF)6/12/2014Superseded by TL 15-02
14-01PDFMobile Phone Usage (PDF)1/16/2014Superseded by TL 17-02
13-05PDFInformation Technology Capital Plan (ITCP) Instructions (PDF)10/16/2013Superseded by TL 14-05
13-04PDFUpdate to Information Security Policy (PDF) 9/17/2013Active
13-03PDFTransition of Information Technology Project Procurement Authority (PDF)9/11/2013Superseded by TL 18-06
13-02PDFProject Approval Lifecycle, Stage 1 Business Analysis (PDF)9/11/2013Superseded by TL 15-02
13-01PDFSmartphone Usage (PDF)5/20/2013Superseded by TL 14-01
12-17PDFUpdate to Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Procurement Planning (PDF)12/17/2012Active
12-16PDFIncident Response Requirements (PDF)12/6/2012Active
12-15PDFEncrypting Mainframe and Server Tapes (PDF)12/6/2012Active
12-15PDFEncrypting Mainframe and Server Tapes FAQs (PDF)12/6/2012Active
12-14PDFUpdated Information Technology Cost Report (PDF)11/8/2012Superseded by TL 17-01
12-13PDFInformation Technology Capital Plan Instructions and Templates for 2012-13 (PDF)9/7/2012Superseded by TL 13-05
12-12PDFProcess to Purchase Tablet Devices (PDF)8/9/2012Superseded by TL 14-06
12-11PDFImproved Security Risk Assessment Tool (PDF)8/8/2012Active
12-10PDFStreamline Security Compliance Forms (PDF)8/8/2012Active
12-09PDFUpdating SAM Definitions Pertaining to IT Projects: Feasibility Study Report (FSR) Improvement Quick Win (PDF)7/16/2012Active
12-08PDFExemption Process When No Mandatory IT Leveraged Procurement Agreement Exists (PDF)8/9/2012Active
12-07PDFSuspend Enterprise Architecture Reporting (PDF)6/5/2012Active
12-06PDFTelecommunication Procurement Authority (PDF)4/2/2012Active
12-05PDFSupersede Computer Room Construction Approval Process with New Process (PDF)3/27/2012Active
12-04PDFSupersede Service Contracts with Information Technology (SCIT) Components Review with New Process (PDF)3/27/2012Active
12-03PDFSupersede Low Power Computing Directive (PDF)3/27/2012Active
12-02PDFData Center Assignments and Consolidation (PDF)3/8/2012Active
12-01PDFFeasibility Study Report (FSR) Improvement Quick Wins (PDF)1/24/2012Superseded by TL 15-02
11-04PDFIT Delegated Cost Thresholds (PDF)12/9/2011Active
11-03PDFRescission of IT Acquisition Plan Policies (PDF)12/9/2011Active
11-02PDFPostponement of 2012 IT Cost Reporting (PDF)12/9/2011Superseded by TL 12-14
11-01PDFEstablishment of the Technology Letter Format and Process (PDF)12/9/2011Active
24-01HTMLGenerative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) Inventory, Procurement, and Risk Assessment for Executive Order N-12-233/21/2024Active

Information Technology Policy Letters

11-06PDFInformation Technology Capital Plan Instructions and Templates for 2011-12 (PDF)8/31/2011Superseded by TL 13-05
11-05PDFInformation Technology Acquisition Plan Process Revisions (PDF)6/3/2011Rescinded 12/9/2011
10-09PDFPower Management and Shutdown Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)3/23/2011Active
11-04PDFChanging References from Predecessor Organizations to the California Technology Agency (PDF)3/15/2011Active
11-03PDFReview of Formal Information Technology Solicitations (PDF)3/15/2011Active
11-02PDFService Contracts With Information Technology Components (PDF) 2/17/2011Superseded by TL 12-04
11-01PDFDepartment Director Certification of Information Technology Acquisition Plans (PDF)2/3/2011Rescinded 12/9/2011
10-18PDFInformation Technology Expenditure Reporting and Cost Optimization (PDF)12/30/2010Superseded by TL 11-2
10-19PDFSmartphone and Other Mobile Computing Device Security (PDF)12/30/2010Active
10-17PDFEstablishment of the Identify and Access Management (IdAM) Policy (PDF)12/30/2010Active
10-16PDFServer Virtualization (PDF)12/17/2010Active
10-15PDFEnterprise Architecture Standards and Procedures (PDF)12/15/2010Active
10-14PDFData Center Assignments and Consolidation (PDF)10/29/2010Active
10-13PDFSecurity Reporting Scorecards (PDF)10/4/2010Active
10-12PDFReducing Charges for 411 Directory Assistance (PDF)9/21/2010Active
10-11PDFInformation Technology Capital Plan Instructions, Economic Analysis Worksheet Revisions, and Reporting Clarifications (PDF)8/26/2010Superseded by TL 13-05
10-10PDFInformation Technology Accessibility (PDF)7/26/2010Active
10-09PDFPower Management and Shutdown (PDF)7/21/2010Active
10-08PDFInfrastructure Consolidation Program Progress Report Scorecards (PDF)7/15/2010Active
10-07PDFProject Status Reporting and Enterprise Architecture Reporting (PDF)5/27/2010Active
10-05PDFInformation Technology Project Oversight Framework (PDF)3/25/2010Active
10-04PDFLow Power Office Computing (PDF)3/25/2010Superseded by TL 12-3
10-03PDFTelework and Remote Access (PDF)3/2/2010Active
10-02PDFSocial Media (PDF)2/26/2010Active
PDFOpen Source Software Policy (PDF)Open Source Software Policy1/7/2010Active
09-06PDFIT Acquisition (PDF)7/2/2009Rescinded 12/9/2011
09-05PDFAIO/CIO Reporting (PDF)6/26/2009Active
09-04PDFComputer Room Construction (PDF)4/16/2009Superseded by TL 12-5
09-03PDFEstablishment of a Statewide Enterprise Architecture and the Associated Policy and Process (PDF)4/15/2009Active
09-02PDFInformation Technology Capital Planning Process, Forms and Instructions (PDF)4/10/2009Superseded by TL 13-05
09-01PDFCalifornia Project Management Methodology and Other Associated Information (PDF)4/9/2009Superseded by TL 16-04