The CALNET Contracts provide easy access to telecommunications and network services by enabling customers to order services using a simple form. This eliminates the often costly and lengthy procurement process while sparing the customer agency the burden of managing a contract. The customer can trust that the services have been developed with the best practices in requirements, service level agreements, procurement terms and conditions, and competitive pricing. Higher standards of service performance than those offered in the industry are often achieved.

Logo for CALNET 3 Service Offerings

Category 1

1.6 Legacy Telecommunications

Categories 2-7

2.0 Network Based Web Conferencing
4.2 SONET - Point-to-Point Connectivity
5.0 Managed Internet Services

Category 9.1at&t catergory 9.1

FirstNet - Broadband for Public Safety



Eligibility List

California Extended Primary Users

Category 10

10.1 Satellite Voice Services

Ground Control Systems, Inc.

IP Access International

Quadrigae Global Enterprises, Inc.

Remote Satellite System International